Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The DualCoin platform welcomes you to become our partner and offers you a share of our mining commission for attracting new miners to the platform.

Get Up To 30% Affiliate Commissions

DualCoin Affiliate Program offers you lifetime commission payouts and allows you to build a full-scale business with 2 level referral system.

How to Grow Your Affiliate Commissions Faster?

Use these simple steps to reach a wider audience and bring in more referrals. Remember, the more active you are - the quicker you can build your own referral network and benefit from all its levels, and generate a stable income every day.

  • Share your referral link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms
  • Make a YouTube video and review DualCoin and its benefits
  • Post a blog describing the benefits of on DualCoin
  • Participate in trading discussions in relevant forums and Telegram/Facebook groups and promote your referral link

Every user will get unique referral link, for that you have to sign in. After login you will have your referral link in your account page. If you are having any problem finding your referral link please contact us.

Free Affiliate Program

You get 20% from direct referral. With no investment.

With investment

You get 30% from direct referral. If you have active deposit.

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